Vapers Vape Zone Juice Factory

"Vapers Vape Zone (VVZ) is one of the leading e-cigarette liquid producers and retailers in Malaysia. We pride ourselves for our ingenuity in brewing market driven e-liquid flavours. Our boutique offers varieties of flavours, catering for the needs of various vaper’s enthusiasts. Customer satisfaction and service with a smile are our corporate philosophy. It has been the key to our success. We also strive to be unique and will continue to challenge new frontiers in brewing e-liquid flavours.

Our signature brand "Tenalicious" with 4 premiums e-liquid - Thirsty4Milk, Fallen, Nite Cap and Gambate have put us ahead of the competitors. Since 2012, we have produced more than 30 e-liquid flavours and shipped thousands of bottles for Malaysia and China market. We will continue to innovate and remain as leading e-liquid brewer in the country."