Stash e-liquids

"We use only the finest ingredients, starting with the cleanest, purest nicotine available. From there, we add our complex flavor blends, your desired amount of nicotine, and kosher grade, USP Vegetable Glycerin. We add no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors, and no PG, meaning every blend is max VG. Because we don't add any sweeteners or colors, many of our customers notice a significant improvement in the lifetime of their junk, less gunk!

Our e-liquids contain no diacetyl.

We handcraft every batch ourselves, in micro-batches, to ensure quality and consistency.

Due to the high viscosity of our liquid, we can't guarantee it will wick in every clearomizer/tank on the market, but we have tested it in the Kanger Subtank, Aspire Atlantis, Arctic, Matrix, and most of the other sub-ohm tanks on the market and have not seen any issues. Older model clearomizers and tanks (i.e. Aspire Nautilus, Kanger Protank, iClear, etc) may not be able to wick fast enough to deliver consistent results."