"We started Moshi in 2013 in Toronto for very simple reasons. We wanted to ensure that the products we were vaping were of the absolute highest quality possible. With an abundance of products flooding the market and a lack of clear and consistent regulation, this proved to be extremely difficult and worrisome. To fix this, we decided to make our own juices from the ground up.

First, we went about trying every product we could get our hands on to see what was working and what wasn't in the vast world of vaping. We then started narrowing things down and really focused in on the products we thought were the absolute best. From there, we set about to make them better. The first step in this was making sure that every ingredient we used was sourced in North America and was pharmaceutical grade. From there, we went about testing, and retesting until we got our recipes exactly right, and then tested again just to be sure. For production, we decided the hard way was the right way, so we did that all in house to ensure we had maximum control over the finished product."