Cyber Liquids

"The Future is Now

Chris, Daniel and Anthony knew immediately there was no way they were going to miss being a part of this emerging, life changing industry, and so Cyberliquids began in a garage far, far away (Buena Park, California). Don’t Get Stuck in the Past

Cyberliquids mission is to help others rid their selves of their past smoking habits and transition into vaping products by introducing delicious e-liquids. We know you could do it! Taste The future

Today Cyberliquids is turning out innovative delicious e-liquid made in there ISO-8 Laboratory in Brea, California, and expanding its Brand lines, introducing Dead Prezidents, Est Vapes and Genco eLiquids. State of the Art

You deserve nothing but the best, Cyberliquids uses Pure Kosher grade Vegetable Glycerin and USP grade Propylene Glycol. All flavor extracts are made in the United States and are mixed in our clean room, then put through rigorous testing for quality and consistency."