Alice in Vapeland

"Why hello, dear friend! We are Alice in Vapeland, collective of mixologists/craftspeople whose passion is to make awesome e-liquids. Based in Albuquerque, NM, we offer the community curious and delightful e-liquids of premium quality. Each hand-crafted flavor goes through an intensive development process. We test and tweak relentlessly until we discover (what we consider) the pinnacle recipe for each flavor. We use only top-shelf ingredients for our juices and we’re continuously developing new flavors, so check back now and then and see what we’ve been up to. We love our products and especially love chilling out with a delicious mix and making massive vapor rings. We also like, in no particular order: cherry blossom trees, DJ Hero, trips to the Zoo, bulldogs and kittens, never-ending summer nights, listening to records, stencil art, mysteryboxes from ebay, film festivals, bbqs, free things, the color red, and places that deliver sushi."